Welcome to a new approach to health complete with new understandings, new thought patterns, new concepts and new innovations. It’s all based on fact; obvious, proven, undeniable truths that stare us in the face all the time that we (especially doctors) either ignored, looked passed or misinterpreted.

Dentists are being re-trained (because only specially trained dentists can provide this service) by W/I/A/N Industries (see www.WianIndustries.com) in a full day course that opens the doctors’ eyes and re-configures their mindsets so they become the kind of doctors their education has given them the wherewithal to become.

This change has been called Dentistry’s next (and last) great move. It lifts the profession out of the “teeth and gums” mode and focuses on the person behind the teeth. It elevates the dentist in the health care hierarchy and gives him (her) and the profession a greater importance, influence, power, aura and ability to provide the population with the kind of care that actually makes people better, healthier and stronger in many ways, both seen and unseen. (“May you never know what you are preventing”)

It takes the knowledge the dentist has worked so hard to learn (but rarely implements) and puts it to use; knowledge that goes beyond the fix-it, mechanical training the dentist already employs so adroitly. It changes the dentist from a mere (albeit highly skilled and dexterous) technician to the doctor the patient deserves to have.

Today’s understanding that periodontal disease is not a disease of just the mouth but is part of a body-wide deterioration (Corpus Deterioratum) that is expressed in the mouth as gum problems (and in the joints as arthritis; and in the stomach as ulcers; and in the mind as Alzheimer’s disease, and as cancer, and in the heart and blood vessels, and as diabetes, etc.).

There is no reason to get sicker as you get older. Older, yes. Sicker, no. Targeted oral care and nutrition at the doctor level make a powerful, new therapeutic combination resulting in a healthier you: mouth, mind, body.

There are two major problems in Dentistry that the dentist faces every day all day long. One is cavities and the other is gum disease. Of the 2, gum disease is much worse, much more destructive and much more difficult to treat successfully because it requires that the patient be involved.

When teeth require repair, it’s mostly a matter of “just sit back, open your mouth and let me do what I’ve learned how to do to fix the problem.” And, then, what the dentist does is quite a demonstration of the technical capabilities and use of modern materials. It’s a mechanical thing. BUT, that fix does not stop the destructive process. It only restores what has already been destroyed and there is nothing as good as one’s own natural teeth – no matter how good a repairman the dentist may be.

Gum problems are different because it requires that the patient do things differently than what has been done because what has been done is the cause of the problem. In that regard: “There is nothing the doctor can do that will overcome what the patient will not do.”

Doctor-Level Nutrition coordinates the new treatment of gum disease with the new approach to health and nutrition. It is not at all the kind of nutrition you know. It is vastly different from the dietitian and nutritionist varieties.

In addition, there are many new insights and approaches that dramatically alter the ways in which we used to think. Here are three major examples, each of which is a subject unto itself and a notable change to what Dentistry used to be:

1. The Secrets of Toothbrushing – There is a way to keep your teeth clean virtually all the time and since unclean teeth causes the gum problem, this is a huge step in addressing the situation.

2. The 7 Simple Signs of Low Nutritional Status – Because poor nutrition makes gum problems worse and (at least) 85% of all illnesses have a major malnutrition component, the ability to determine your nutritional status (something the dietitian, nutritionist and physician cannot do), is a significant advance in treating your afflictions.

3. The New Oral Examination – This is a very impressive procedure that takes just 2 minutes more than whatever your dentist currently does for an examination yet reveals crucial information about you that was never before evaluated.

The implementation of these elements of Dentistry’s New Era make yesterday’s dentistry look like . . . yesterday’s dentistry.


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