What Is Nutrition At The Doctor Level?

Nutrition at the doctor level is new and very different

from the dietitian and nutritionist varieties.

 Why, you ask, do we need something new?

Because: Over the past several generations (spanning about 90 years), America has gotten its nutrition advice and guidance almost exclusively from the dietitians and nutritionists. Since most (about 85% or more) of all illnesses have a major malnutrition component and American health statistics are grim and rapidly becoming grave, it’s rather obvious that whatever we have been told is either erroneous or so difficult to implement that it is useless.

 In fact, it’s both.

Doctor-Level Nutrition is vastly different from the dietitian and nutritionist approaches. Because of that difference, verified typical results are outstanding.

Doctor-Level Nutrition uses modern concepts of food and nutrients and removes the misleading, misdirecting, false and damaging information that has been given to the public for so long. We replaced them with standards that change the focus from health care to health.

Diagnostics and therapy are strictly evidence-based and represent the knowledge of the peer-reviewed scientific literature, the standards of the American Medical and Dental Associations, the guidelines of the Federal Government and the teachings in the medical and dental textbooks.

This web site will give you information about the continuing development of Doctor-Level Nutrition as we teach more and more dentists how to provide this extraordinary, much-needed and valuable service that only the specially trained dentist can provide.

We are constantly upgrading and changing this site so return often to see what has been added. One of the sections will contain the training sites and information about the seminars so if you are a doctor (especially a dentist), you will have the opportunity to advance your practice and your profession.


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