Advantages of Doctor-Level Nutrition

“Current thinking cannot carry us through great times

. . . and great times are ahead.”

 Some of What Has Already Been Changed:

Ω  Doctor-Level Nutrition redefined breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ω  Doctor-Level Nutrition authored a new definition of health.

Ω  We distinguish between nutrient supplements that are supported by Madison Avenue hype and advertising and nutrient formulations that are supported by science.

Ω  Doctor-Level Nutrition developed The 7 Simple Signs of Low Nutritional Status. (Soon to be taught to our young in schools, hung from corporate walls and displayed in all health care facilities.)

Ω  Doctor-Level Nutrition recognized and coined the disease state Corpus Deterioratum.

Ω  We recognized the parallel links of destruction between Corpus Deterioratum and periodontal disease.

Ω  We developed a new treatment for periodontal disease that specifically addresses the 2 causes of the disease.

Without its causes, a disease cannot exist.

Ω  Doctor-Level Nutrition developed a new way (there was no reliable old way) to determine a patient’s nutritional strength (aka nutritional status).

/// It requires no lab tests.

/// Results are undeniable.

/// It will become a de facto mandatory pre-surgical evaluation.

/// It’s easy, impressively accurate, quite obvious (once shown to you), more critically important than ever imagined and can easily and swiftly be implemented nationwide.

“The pathogen is nothing. The terrain is everything.”

Dr. Louis Pasteur

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