Is There A Money Angle?

Is There A Money Angle?

   Of course! What doesn’t have one? Whenever a dramatic change occurs in a huge industry (as in the growing acknowledgement of the influence of nutrition in health), there are ample opportunities to make great strides forward.

Within 18 months, America can become 50% healthier. This will free up $½ trillion each year for Americans to spend elsewhere; money no longer needed for the ill because they are no longer ill. (Americans currently spend nearly $3 trillion yearly on health care – yet they’re getting sicker.)

That money can be used to increase our police and firefighting protection; to redesign our failing education system; to decrease our staggering national debt; to decrease our taxes; to fund research so we can all enjoy the promises of the future; to insure that our elderly do not have to endure the traumas of loneliness, starvation or isolation.

However, we warn that giving our politicians so much money is dangerous unless we have protections and scrutiny to oversee that they do not squander the money or use it for their own greed and selfish purposes.


“An ill population cannot sustain a great nation.”

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