Protect Against The Summer Sun

What Is THE Best Protection Against

The Damaging Effects of The Summer Sun

When summertime rolls around, we hear more and more warnings from the medical professionals and those who parrot them about the destructive effects of sunlight. That’s nonsense.

The dire warning about skin cancer is the banner that’s waved hard and often yet, many people are exposed to a lot of sunlight in the summer and relatively few get skin cancer. And, people get skin cancer who are not exposed to extremes of sunlight.

The sun heals.

The sun is healthful.

The sun is the essence of all life on Earth.

To condemn the sun is folly and making a scapegoat of an innocent entity.

The sun is not a problem but, like anything, extreme exposure to the sun can be. Anything can be made deadly. Drinking too much water can cause death.

So, what is it about skin cancer and sunlight that has people all shook up? The answer comes straight from Dr. Louis Pasteur who said: The pathogen is nothing. The terrain is everything.

That means that it doesn’t really matter what the insult is (bacteria, viruses, bone breakage, test taking, sunlight, sibling rivalry, surgery), it’s a matter of how your body deals with it. If your body is nutritionally vibrant and strong (which is the definition of health), it will be able to fend off the negative effects of stress and being exposed to anything that causes free radicals is the essence of stress. (All stress forms free radicals – even good stress like laughter.) Stress, from another standpoint, is the depletion of nutrients.

Hence, a strong immune system is THE requirement for protection against the sun – not sunscreens (which, astonishingly, themselves contain several known carcinogens).

Being healthy may cost but being sick is incredibly expensive.


NOTE: Over the past several generations, Americans have been using more sunscreen than ever but getting more skin cancer than ever. At the same time, our nutritional status as a nation has continually declined.




It is not the sun that causes the cancer but the person’s inability to counteract the negative effects of the rays that comprise sunlight. These rays (X-rays, ultraviolet, infra red rays) and the cosmic rays that are always striking our bodies all combine and affect our cells (both in good and bad ways). However, our immune system is exquisitely prepared and designed to use the good and counteract the negatives and will do so but only if properly nourished. While sunburn is a real problem, a slow and continuous exposure to the summer sun will provide the protection of a tanned skin; but that does not negate the need for a strong nutritional state.

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