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In order to appreciate the design of the therapy, you have to recognize some truisms with which you might not be familiar because they exist in the profession and are rarely let outside to the lay public. Since we are here to promote health and the truth, we feel there is no place and no reason to conceal these any longer.

Our new treatment consists of evaluating 2 things: your nutritional status and the health of your mouth. Only a dentist can properly evaluate the health of your mouth and only a specially-trained dentist can determine your nutritional status.

The specially-trained dentist is taught a new oral examination that adds just 2 minutes more to whatever was usually done as an examination. Also taught is a new way to treat gum disease, a new mindset and new concepts, new thought patterns, innovations and treatment rationales based on science.

In this day and age, the American Dental Association says there is no cure for periodontal disease. With Mankind planning to put a man on Mars and properly treated people able to rid themselves of cancer, to think that gum disease is incurable is, in our minds, unacceptable.

“If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking.”

                                                                             Benjamin Franklin

So, we looked at why the ADA says such a thing. (You should first know that the American Dental Association is not a scientific organization but a political one.)

What we saw was astonishing. Of the 2 major causes of periodontal disease, one is rarely mentioned and the other, in our estimation, is highly inadequately treated. If you treat a disease that way, we agree, you’ll never cure it!

However, if you address the causes and design a therapy that is intended to either eliminate the causes or reduce them to insignificance, it is quite likely that you will get rid of the disease. And that is exactly what we’ve done.

 Here is one of the Truisms:

“Without its causative factors, a disease can neither persist nor materialize.

We do it with new treatment (actually, revisions of highly effective, old, safe therapies) in the office and combine that with new, easier parameters for home care based on The Secrets of Toothbrushing. We think these new approaches make much more sense and bring to the forefront the actuality of doing things smarter, not harder. We are sure you will whole-heartedly agree.

The new examination evaluates about 30 items that have never before been evaluated and uses The 7 Simple Signs of Low Nutritional Status as a major guideline. These 30 evaluation points have always been there but the dentist either ignored them, looked right passed them or scientifically misinterpreted them. The reason dentists never saw these obvious things (similar to not seeing the elephant on the coffee table) is based on the make-up and mindset of the dental profession.

 Another Truism:

Of a dentist’s entire professional education, only about 20% of the information and knowledge learned related to fixing teeth.

The entire dental profession is based nearly totally on that 20%. That’s the mechanical, fix-it, repairman training. That 20% is the tooth-fixing training the dentist so adroitly and expertly uses all the time; every day, all day long. It’s the fillings and the root canal treatment and the crowns and dentures, etc. This is the technician part of the professional training.

The other 80%, the part that separates the doctor from the technician, is usually shelved and forgotten once the shingle is hung and practice begins. That part contains the secrets of the human body (why it gets sick and how it stays well). Very few people on the planet are exposed to that knowledge but American Dentists is one group that is. Our new approach activates that unused 80% and that changes everything.

Using this knowledge and incorporating the new insights and understandings, the specially trained dentist can determine your nutritional status, something none of the many physicians, dietitians and nutritionists we asked could do.

The specially trained dentist can do this right away and no lab tests are needed. This is a totally non-invasive procedure that reveals undeniable results and you are right there to see for yourself the blatant clues and signs that cannot be ignored. You’ll be able to diagnose your own nutritional status along with the dentist.

And then the dentist will wisely address your nutritional situation using an evidence-based approach.

 Another Truism:

Periodontal disease is not a disease of just the mouth.

 We talk about a disease called Corpus Deterioratum, which is Latin for deterioration of the body. This disease shows itself differently in different parts of the body. For example, in the joints, it appears as arthritis; in the stomach, as ulcers; and in the mouth, as periodontal disease.

“Being old can be tough. Being old without teeth is a nightmare.” 

Periodontal disease is viciously destructive and you can easily lose all or most of your teeth from it; at the worst time in your life for it to happen – when older. It begins when you are a teenager so after quietly being in your mouth for 40 years, is it any wonder that it has taken hold?

It has been scientifically linked to some of mankind’s most devastating afflictions (cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, pregnancy and birthing problems, respiratory illnesses, inflammation, etc.). It is not a disease of just the mouth.

Treating each ailment individually does not make sense to us. You’ll end up giving drugs for this and drugs for that and drugs and more drugs, including drugs to counteract the negative effects of the initially given drugs. We feel that pinpointing the therapy to the common link (gum disease) is a good idea, especially since a healthy mouth is key to a healthy body. As Plato said: “The mouth is a reflection of the body.”

Our feeling is that if we can significantly address the gum disease problem (and we most certainly think we can), it will also positively affect the other afflictions and they may either diminish or disappear.

 “We don’t need more thinking; we need different thinking.”

Albert Einstein

More importantly, we feel that if we also address the nutritional situation and did it from a scientific, reasonable, evidenced-based foundation, we could make the whole body stronger (especially the immune system). Whatever better nutrition can help (and what is there that it can’t!), will function better. Since every emotion, every thought and every act is based totally on properly functioning biochemistry in the body, if we gave that biological machinery what it needs, to do what it has already been programmed to do (keep us healthy and well), we should heal our ills to one degree or another – since 85% of all illnesses have a major malnutrition component.

 We rely on Quin’talano (the essence of science):

Keen observation with a trained eye

and deft interpretation with an educated mind.

 Another truism:  “There are 2 standards of care; that which is taught and that which is practiced; and they are very different.”

We think that, if asked, a patient would rather the doctor use the standard of care that is taught instead of the one that is practiced. So, we use the one that is taught.

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