Surprisingly, nutrition can best be addressed by the specially-trained dentist.

THIS IS NEW to both the public and the health care professions.

The new oral examination allows the specially-trained dentist the ability to recognize a patient’s need for nutritional support because it reveals the patient’s nutritional status, something the physician, dietitian and nutritionist cannot determine.

The importance of nutritional status is seen as crucial.

Growing scientific evidence links the health of the body and the health of the mouth – in particular, the health of the gums. This further intimately ties the dentist to the patient’s nutritional needs. The connection tightens when one realizes that:

1.    Cavities are a dietary disease. You get cavities in your teeth because of what you eat and do not eat

2.     Gum diseases are caused by unclean teeth and made worse by poor nutrition

  1. a.     Teeth get dirty because of how well you clean them and what you eat.

Doctor-Level Nutrition is a new kind of approach to nutrition that encompasses benefits and advantages that can be reaped for little money and little time and is fully non-invasive. It uses innovations, new thought patterns, new concepts and new scientific, undeniable understandings of out-dated, erroneous notions. It is smarter, not harder.

These are not the nutrition concepts that you know.

Doctor-Level Nutrition is vastly different from the dietitian and nutritionist varieties.

 Doctor-Level Nutrition makes more sense.


  • Insurance won’t pay a dime for it.
  • Managed care looks the other way.
  • Physicians pay nutrition little attention.
  • Dietitians know very little about the human body.
  • Nutritionists can be anyone with little or no training.
  • Nutrition at the doctor level is new and offers unique qualities:

 Specially trained dentists are in a prime position to provide the kind of nutrition advice and guidance AND TREATMENT Americans need.

It cannot be emphasized too strongly that the secret to health is the combination of oral health (especially of the gums) and nutritional status.

  1. Non-invasive
    1. No drugs or medications
  2. Both the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects are based totally on evidence-based science
    1. All aspects are taken from the medical and dental textbooks, the peer-reviewed scientific literature, the official positions of the American Dental and Medical Associations and the Federal Government guidelines
    2. To that we added new concepts and insights, new thought patterns and wisdom from experience.
  3. Requires no lab tests
  4. Is less expensive and takes less time
  5. Reveals problems in your biological systems before they appear in blood or urine analyses and before they are detected by routine medical examination.
  6. Has a large co-diagnostic element
    1. The patient sees the same things the doctor sees and the patient (usually) comes to the same conclusions as the doctor.
    2. No scientific jargon so people understand everything immediately.

The only dentistry that is provided by us is that pertaining to the periodontal situation.

 The patient is encouraged to both maintain a standard examination schedule with their regular dentist and stay with their current dentist for all other treatment.

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